Treatment of dielectric fluids

Physical-chemical treatments for industrial oils conditioning in first use installations, as well as used oils regeneration either in batch option or installations in service.

Processes on mineral or synthetic oils, of diverse function (isolating, hydraulic, temper, engine, thermal, dielectric silicone, vegetal esters, etc.) according to the qualitative situation that the oil presents, combined with running factors and the plant regime on which it works, as well as the specificity of the environment referred to the fluid users activity.

  • Oil degassing.
  • Oil microfiltration treatments.
  • Oil dehydration treatments.
  • Substitution of oil in transformers.
  • Internal core dry performances in transformers.
  • Aged oils regeneration.
  • Sludge, particles and impurities removal.
  • Water-oil emulsions breakage.
  • Separation of mixtures.
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